Our Doncaster Based Funeral Home

Our Funeral Home

Here are some images of our Funeral Home to provide you with an insight into what to expect.

Our Funeral HomWelcoming Areae

Welcoming Area

This is our Welcoming area where greetings take place at the front of the building. There is a Private room beyond this where arrangements and private discussions an take place.

Chapel of Rest

Chapel of Rest

We have two private Chapels of Rest, both modern in style and both sizable allowing for groups of people to visit at once. We have comfortable seating within out Chapel of Rest allowing family and friends to spend time with their loved one, without a rush.

The private arrangements meeting room at our funeral home

Private Arrangements Room

This room is private and allows confidential conversations to take place. We renovated this room to create a modern and light atmosphere where we can relax and have comfortable discussions.

In this room, we can comfortably adhere to social distancing requirements.